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1. Goals

Goals are unique, as are the individuals who pursue them. They are a result of our wants, our needs, our emotions, and the many experiences that life presents us along the way. During our first consultation, we will discuss where you are currently at, and more importantly where you would like to be.

2. Gather Info

Simply put, this step is 50% quantitative and 50% qualitative. While gathering facts and figures is a vital part of the planning process, of equal importance is understanding you; your risk tolerances, your values, and other key factors that represent you.

3. Evaluate

After all of the necessary details have been gathered, we will get to work on assessing your current situation. Once established, we then build on our analysis to include your goals and deliberate the multiple avenues available to help reach them.

4. Discuss

Communication and understanding is essential in the success of your plan. Upon completion of our analysis, we will sit down with you to review, compare, and discuss the options we have compiled that are compatible with you and your plan.

5. Create & Implement

After you make an informed decision, we will tailor a plan specific to the choices you have made and begin taking the necessary steps toward implementing that plan.

6. Monitor

Once in place, we will continually monitor your plan. Our team regularly reflects on our investments to ensure they are performing as expected. Through the use of ongoing reviews, we’ll discuss observations and work with you help to keep you on track with your goals.

7. Updates

One of the few constants in life is change. At MFR we believe that your financial plan should evolve to reflect these changes. Whether it be a marriage, a new addition to the family, a disability, or a death, our team is here to help guide and assist you and your loved ones in making the necessary adjustments to your plan.