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At Minnesota Financial Resources we believe that teamwork is the cornerstone for our clients’ success. Each individual contributes different strengths and abilities that when combined, produce a strong, fortified unit - all with the same goal in mind – to help realize the goals of our clients.

Scott Fleming

Owner and Financial Advisor


Founder and owner of Minnesota Financial Resources Inc., Scott Fleming, had a different plan for himself as a young adult. His passion for music and sharing it with others lead him towards a career in education and upon graduating from...

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From childhood lemonade stands and neighborhood yardwork to a startup window washing business in college, Darren’s entrepreneurial spirit has guided him through life. While attending school at Bethel University, Darren took an...

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Just as every superhero needs a sidekick, every advisor ought to have an administrator like John. His vast and in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry brands him as Scott’s right hand man - the go to guy – our...

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Kyla Mechura

Director of Marketing and Registered Administrator

952 285-4444

As the youngest and most recent addition to the Minnesota Financial Resources team, Kyla brings a fresh, modern perspective catered toward working with the newest generation to enter the workforce, millennials. Her focus on creating...

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In a world where numbers, contracts, and dollar signs can sometimes feel cold, Patty takes pride in adding her warm and personal touch to Minnesota Financial Resources. Whether it be her smiling voice over the phone or a friendly...

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