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Scott Fleming

Scott Fleming

Founder and Financial Advisor

Founder and owner of Minnesota Financial Resources Inc., Scott Fleming, had a different plan for himself as a young adult. His passion for music and sharing it with others lead him towards a career in education and upon graduating from the University of Minnesota he started as a full-time instructor at a private school in Minneapolis. It was there that he developed a strong skill set of communication, leadership, and the ability to effectively teach others. His experience in these areas proved to be highly transferable when his path changed course and he began pursuing a career in financial services. Now, backed by more than 30 years of experience, Scott successfully manages over 400 clients, personal and small business, built entirely on the referrals of his valued and loyal clients.

"Throughout my life there has appeared a common thread, a desire to help others grow and watch them succeed. Perhaps my career choices have reflected that, and as the proud father of two well-adjusted young adults, I sure hope my parenting skills have as well. With both of my children now grown and out in the world, my wife JoAnn and I are left to appreciate the more peaceful things in life. We enjoy dining out at one of the plentiful Minneapolis restaurants and vacationing to warm places during the cold winter months. Born and raised in the Twin Cities area, I love Minnesota for the many things it has to offer. Not the least of which is the 10,000 lakes it encompasses, but more importantly the fish therein. During the summer months, you can find me on a boat – pole in hand – soaking up the sun with my long-time colleagues and friends."

 ★ Favorite Music Artist/Genre: The Beatles ★ Favorite Pizza Topping: Italian sausage 
 ★ Favorite Cookie: Chocolate chip ★ Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory 
 ★ Favorite Movie: Patton ★ Favorite Sport: Basketball