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Kyla Mechura

Kyla Mechura

Director of Marketing and Registered Administrator

As the youngest and most recent addition to the Minnesota Financial Resources team, Kyla brings a fresh, modern perspective catered toward working with the newest generation to enter the workforce, millennials. Her focus on creating current and innovative ways to invite her peers into the world of financial planning is both exciting and relevant. As director of marketing, Kyla is the point person on social media and ensures that we are LinkedIn (pun intended) with our clients, our communities and the world around us. Here at MFR we believe efficiency is key, not only does she serve as our marketing lead, she also doubles as an additional registered office administrator, equip to perform in other roles.

"If I wasn’t happily employed at MFR, I imagine myself pursuing a career in the field of health and wellness - trying to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle has always been a passion of mine. Like most Minnesotans, I look forward to summer and fall when you can find me outside playing tennis or volleyball, biking the greenway, and running the lakes. Unlike most Minnesotans, I was not built for cold weather, so when the cold winter months roll around the gym and yoga classes suffice, the book worm in me resurfaces, and of course - there’s always Netflix. One of my other passions is food. Minneapolis has so much to offer in the realm of good food and dining. If I’m not out at my favorite sushi joint or trying someplace new, I love cooking something up in my own kitchen."

 ★Favorite Music Artist/Genre: EDM  ★Favorite Pizza Topping: Extra cheese & veggies
 ★Favorite Cookie: Monster with peanut butter m&m and butterscotch chips  ★Favorite TV Show: The Office
 ★Favorite Movie: The Bodyguard ★Favorite Sport: Tennis & Volleyball