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Darren Tutt, CFP®, ChFC®, and RICP®

Darren Tutt, CFP®, ChFC®, and RICP®

Financial Advisor & Investment Consultant

From childhood lemonade stands and neighborhood yardwork to a startup window washing business in college, Darren’s entrepreneurial spirit has guided him through life. While attending school at Bethel University, Darren took an internship with Broker’s Edge as an insurance and annuity wholesaler. Upon graduating with a degree in business and marketing, he received a permanent position. It was there he would meet two individuals who later became his partners in their startup company Renaissance Annuity Group. After much success and growth, their business aligned with American Financial where Darren has spent the previous 18 years assisting financial planners and advisors around the country with insurance and income planning for their clients. His long-standing relationship with Scott Fleming, one of those advisors, played a role in his choice to begin procuring his designations. Now with the CFP®, ChFC®, and RICP® under his belt, Darren joined the MFR team to pursue yet another dream.  

If being busy were an Olympic sport, some days it seems like I’ve been in training for over 20 years, (a feeling I know most people can relate to). After college, between beginning a new career and becoming a newlywed, life was busy – but in a good way. Just as I thought things couldn’t get much busier, my world changed with two simple words - twin boys. Fast forward fourteen years, throw in sports coaching, after school plays, date night with the Mrs., and two more additions to our family (ones that only bark and are a bit furrier) and you’ve got the definition of life on the go. Some days I wonder where I find the time to enjoy my other favorite hobbies like biking, listening to music and collecting records. Some may call it hectic, but the noise of my everyday life is like music to my ears and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

 ★Favorite Music Artist/Genre: Aaron Espe and Heavy Metal  ★Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni and green olives
 ★Favorite Cookie: Spritz cookies my mom makes for Christmas ★Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld
 ★Favorite Movie: What about Bob?

 ★Favorite Sport: Lacrosse